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Brandon Beal, Former Professional Athlete, is Scaling Heights in the Financial Services Industry

Brandon Beal (ascend 7)

Winston Churchill once said, "the pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty." This quote applies to Brandon Beal, as he is the true definition of becoming what you want to be. He is also proof that you can overcome every obstacle in life and learn from your setbacks. You can scale the heights and make success happen.

Beal is from Southern California is an insurance agency manager of Beal Financial Group powered by NAA & Integrity Marketing. As the National Agents Alliance founder, his innate nature to make things happen has made him what he is today. He has a passion for helping people who are struggling financially and helping them secure their financial freedom regardless of their background or race.

The NAA hires and trains life insurance agents to offer optimal services to clients. According to Brandon, most successful agents are constantly learning how to make it in the marketplace. They are zealous to learn about the most recent products and know more about the insurance industry as they increase their skills. More so, they are encouraged to build and grow strong connections with other agents in the marketplace. Agents need to enhance their industry understanding and offer product recommendations. The Alliance has numerous agents in all 50 states and is proud to be associated with top-notch carriers, such as AIG, National Life Group, and CFG.

In June of last year, the Alliance scaled higher by partnering with Integrity Marketing Group, the nation’s largest independent distributor of life and health insurance products. This partnership will boost Brandon’s dreams to see more and more people find their financial freedom and independence. Their agents will have access to the diverse and exclusive products available only to Integrity partners, as well as the support of industry-leading sales and marketing systems.

Brandon Beal started as an athlete and a footballer, a career he pursued wholeheartedly in his early years. Due to leg injuries, he had to give up his career in athletics. He also had financial struggles since his earnings as an athlete weren’t enough to pay his bills. To meet his monetary needs and support his family, Brandon set out to join the financial services industry. He got a mentor who taught him what he needed to know about the industry. Lack of technical know-how and the absence of a secure source of income didn’t deter Brandon from following his heart.

Brandon was determined to succeed and has a never-give-up spirit. Before long, he had changed hundreds of lives. He remembers one of his successful moments when he made over $120,000 in a month. As a man of color, Brandon Beal draws his inspiration from former President Barack Obama and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who are also focused and work around the clock.

Brandon has excellent plans for the future. “In the next five years, I see my wife Ashley and myself as multiple 7 figure earners within our company and as a managing partner in Integrity.”

Brandon looks forward to mentor more than 100 licensed agents who will have earned seven figures before he retires.

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