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BLXBuds Reviews (Scam or Legit) - Is BLXBuds Worth Your Money?

BLXBuds (anand)

Nowadays, listening to your favourite songs using wireless earbuds has become very popular. The increasing preference for wireless earbuds can be related with how advantageous they can be utilized during exercises, working out, doing your laundries and different situations you would love to avoid the problem of wired earplugs. Moreover, wireless ear buds have a superior sound quality and are mostly splash-proof. Although, there are lots of wireless earbuds that you can find in the market these days but the reality is that most of them can't give you the satisfaction that you desire and that is the reason we are discussing Blxbuds earbuds. These are high quality earbuds that give you clear and crisp sounds that you can never feel before. According to the producer, it is totally unrelated whether you utilize an Android or iOS device, as the headphones are suitable for any device. Besides, this specific model is categorized by its super light weight. Of course, it is charged with the help of a case, which consist a fast charging function. On the off chance that you are searching for a high quality and affordable wireless ear buds, then this review is for you.

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What is Blxbuds?

Blxbuds are truly wireless earbuds with TWS dual stereo, double microphone and Bluetooth 5.1. This device is highly compatible with various smart phones including tablets and PC. They produce sound within the range 20Hz to 20 KHz which is the best range of sound for human acoustic system. The double microphone makes it suitable for taking any call as well as playing out songs. It has a super lightweight construction and compact design that gives you maximum comfort. There is no danger of ear pain with these earbuds. This device is manufactured by a trustworthy organization that focuses on making innovative devices that individuals can utilize both in their homes and in urgency. Blxbuds Earbuds has an incredible Customer Service team that will take care of you so you can enjoy them. They are dedicated in making a superior everyday experience through their simple and effective devices.

How does it Works?

Blxbuds Earbuds work by utilizing a similar technology on which various wireless earbuds works. Such ear buds simply connect to your device by Bluetooth. Bluetooth earbuds are able to connect only over very short distances, despite that; such technology allows us to connect with other devices simultaneously. However, these genuine wireless earbuds are compatible with almost any device. The Smartphone, PC and tablet can be connected easily as these Bluetooth earbuds will pair with all these devices in the blink of an eye. Also, the device offers auto-pairing after the main connection and the capacity to connect within a 10 m range. One more interesting thing about these wireless earbuds is that they are extremely stylish and well intended for the ears. They don't look horrible like marbles with radio wire. Simply charge your earbuds well and fit them into your ear and start enjoying your favourite songs.

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Technical Specifications:

  • TWS Dual Stereo wireless buds
  • Double microphones
  • 1 Hour quick charge
  • Water-resistant: IPX4
  • 10 m connectivity range
  • Super quick USB-A charging port
  • Hands Free calling also available
  • Strong, deep base and reverb
  • Amazing audio range from 20Hz to 20 KHz
  • Plug into any USB port and recharge rapidly
  • Approximately 60 hours of playback and talk time
  • High-grade silicone in-ear tips (available in small/medium/large for additional comfort)
  • Most recent Bluetooth 5.1 version that don’t drain your battery quickly
  • Compatible and easy pairing with IOS, Android and PC
  • Fresh, clear sounds from the lowest bass drum to the highest drum


  • Portable & Convenient: Blxbuds earbuds are truly portable and convenient. The ultra lightweight construction of these earbuds permits you to wear it for quite a long time with no sensation of distress. One of the satisfied clients of this device said that they are extremely compact and comfortable that you may even fail to remember that you are wearing something.
  • Double HD Microphone Technology: You can easily connect to calls on your device, by using SIRI or Google Assistant to finish a hands free task while still moving. The maker additionally refers to the built-in HD microphone a few times in the item description on the site. The transmission of your voice should consequently reach to your discussion partners just as clearly and definitely.
  • Adaptable Ear Tips: Even in the event that you have the biggest ear on the planet or the small ear at any point to be made, this handy device will in any case fit in perfectly. This device comes in three-silicon ear tips for small, medium or large ear sizes. You will consistently get the ideal size that will fit your ears appropriately.
  • Quick in charging: These ear buds comes with a charging case that you can keep in your baggage and use at whatever point you need to charge them. The charging station gives hours of energy, permitting you to charge while in a hurry without stressing over incidentally dropping a call or stopping the music for a really long time. The charging station also requires some few hours to charge, so you will not need to stand by long to keep paying attention to your music.
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.1 version Technology: The wireless connection is made possible by utilizing Bluetooth. Blxbuds are Bluetooth earbuds that work wirelessly. They just sync with your Phone or device once and keep up with the connection until you are in excess of thirty feet away. To keep a solid connection, Bluetooth works best when you are near your device and these earbuds are viable with Bluetooth 5.0 and higher, ensuring a reliable connection without fail.
  • Ability to work together: Blxbuds are incredibly handy and versatile. This implies that you can utilize them with Android and iPhone technology, just as different tablets and they will continually be connected. They'll generally work, no matter what type of software is installed in the device.

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How to Use?

It is extremely simple to utilize these Wireless Earbuds and you have to follow the steps referenced below:

  1. CHARGE: Plug into any USB port and recharge rapidly without any problem
  2. PAIR: Bluetooth connectivity is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  3. Enjoy: Without any distress or irritating ear pain, you're allowed to encounter crystal-clear sound.

Where to Buy?

These earbuds are truly affordable; it maintains same good quality elements while comparing with huge brands and still sold at a fraction of their costs. The best place to buy Blxbuds is from the official site of the producer. There you can put your request and within some days, your order would be completed and delivered to you. The company also gives a 30-days money-back guarantee on this device that ensures that you are eligible for a refund on the off chance that you are not happy with the quality. At present, the producer is giving a huge discount to all buyers.

Conclusion: Blxbuds

There are lot of wireless earbuds out there, however Blxbuds are awesome. These earbuds can fit easily in each of the ear channels. They're lovely to wear and remain solid when you're moving outside or working out. Their noise cancellation technology lessens background noise, bringing sound clarity while comparing with bigger earphones. The ultra light weight design of these earbuds permits you to wear it for quite a while with no sensation of discomfort. The Clients are entitled for a 30-days money-back guarantee on this device to return and request a full refund or a replacement if they are unsatisfied with the item. Our deep research and study found that this earbud is trending in various nations and many consumers have dropped good reviews on the official site and encouraged others to give it a chance!

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