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Best Synthetic Urine: The Quick And Easy Way Out

Best Synthetic Urine (ca logistics 9)

There are many reasons a person would be asked for a urine test — a job interview, for legal purposes like court duty, or just a routine drug test at your workplace. But what happens when you’ve taken some sort of fun substance that might result in a less-than-ideal result? Do you just sit back and let it happen? Of course not.

Synthetic urine has been around for a long time, and the technology has just gotten better at giving you crystal-clear results. However, finding the right kind of product can still be tricky. Purchasing off-brand or sketchy products can either give you false positive results or even get you busted by your testing facility.

Don’t go in blind; get educated before buying any fake urine products. Read on to find out more about synthetic urine and how to choose the right one for you!

What Is Synthetic Urine?

Using synthetic urine is the easiest and most hassle-free way of passing a drug test when your actual results can get you into trouble. That means no extremely awkward moments when asking your friends or family members for a urine sample and no guesswork about your results.

That said, each synthetic urine formula is a little different, but they do have the same essential ingredients. Most pee products contain a mix of chemicals commonly found in a person’s liquid waste plus yellow coloring, if necessary.

Urine brands do this so lab tests don’t clock your sample for a weird pH balance or a false reading for a serious health issue. After all, you want your urine specimens to make the testing process easier, not complicated by a fake disease-related visit to your doctor.

Does It Work?

You may be thinking, “won’t experienced lab technicians be able to distinguish synthetic urine from the real deal?” and the answer is no — mostly. There are many synthetic urine kits that promise a hassle-free collection process, but their formula is actually a little off and can set off a false positive.

That’s why the best synthetic urine options usually come with a long but clear list of instructions describing how to get the results you want. Some manufacturers even include a urine belt or heating pad for the smoothest possible experience if you’re being tested on-site or around other people!


Why Else Would I Need Synthetic Urine?

People have been using synthetic urine for a long time and have devised several ways to make the most out of each urine product. As a result, synthetic urine is used in several ways beyond passing drug tests. Here are some of the other common uses:

  • Fetish play: While some people enjoy fetish play involving urine, using a sample that comes straight from a human body may not always be the safest option. That’s because real urine holds toxins and chemicals that our bodies try to flush out. Good fetish play is safe fetish play, and using a synthetic urine kit is the safest there is.
  • Animal repellents: Synthetic urine doesn’t always resemble human urine. Some folks buy fake animal pee to scare off rodents, rabbits, and raccoons from their property.
  • Pranks: While we don’t quite condone pranking people in a way they wouldn’t be cool with, pee pranks can be pretty funny. Substituting the real deal with synthetic urine might be the difference between a good laugh and an ended friendship, though.

What To Look For In Synthetic Urine

So you’ve decided that synthetic urine kits are perfect for what you need — but you aren’t sure what you should be looking for. Fret not, because we’ve listed the most important things to think about when finding the perfect pee solution for your needs:

  • Temperature and heating: Generally speaking, urine tests tend to check if the sample is consistent with an average human’s body temperature. That’s why you’ll want to check if your kit has heat pads or something similar.
  • Chemical composition: The primary thing lab technicians test is a sample’s chemical composition, and synthetic urine has to be up to par for good results. We recommend checking your product’s uric acid and creatinine levels.
  • Delivery methods: A built-in delivery system may work for people that urinate while standing. Even something like an incognito bag stuffed in your pants can make the testing process that much easier.

The Best Fake Pee In A Pinch: Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix produces some of the best synthetic urine kits available on the market, price and features considered. Unlike other synthetic urine samples, the guys at Spectrum Labs have perfected their formula in actual labs to provide the United States with a safe and reliable option.

Why It’s The Best Synthetic Urine

No one wants drug test results that can get them in trouble, and that’s why you want the best synthetic urine products money can buy. But what exactly makes the new Quick Fix 6.3 urine a good option?

While it might not have anything like a realistic pee funnel that keeps the trickery secret, Quick Fix has literally everything else you might need. Here’s what’s included in every kit:

  • Fake pee in a bottle size of your choice
  • Temperature strip that can report 90°F to 100°F
  • Single-use warming bag and rubber band

Customers can also order an assortment of affordable attachments, from leg straps, specialty belts, and penis-shaped funnels that can fold directly into your pants.

The Pee-rfect Solution With A High Success Rate

When you search for the “best synthetic urine near me,” you’ll want something that delivers on its promise. The Quick Fix kits provide everything you need to fit all those pesky testing standards and come out clear. That means you can pass a drug test without all the anxiety of using off-brand options.

Because our pre-mixed synthetic urine was concocted in a lab, we have a leg up over our competition. Our customers have never reported failing a drug test, and a standard urine test won’t be able to identify anything out of the ordinary.


The Bottom Line

When you have a critical drug test coming up, you’re going to need a quick and easy solution to guarantee those good results. Synthetic urine is easy to use and store, even in close quarters with other folks. All you need to do is keep it at the right temperature, surreptitiously fill your sample cup, and hand it in at the testing center.

That said, Quick Fix synthetic urine is one of the best of the best when it comes to drug-test deceiving products. It’s got all the bits and pieces pre-mixed and ready to go, you just need to make the right choice to buy it. What are you waiting for?

Purchase your Quick Fix kit now!

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