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Best Psychic Reading Sites Online By Phone, Chat & Video Free

Best Psychic Reading Sites Online (blue ribbon 53)

Overcoming the challenges of life is one of the most satisfying things about being human. Having the power to adapt and overcome anything that life throws at you is what makes you a resilient person. However, you don’t have to face these new challenges alone with no knowledge. If anything, trying to handle it all yourself can become overwhelming. What if you were able to get guidance on upcoming parts of your life? What would you want to know about – your relationships? Your finances? Your career aspirations?

The incredible thing about the best psychic reading online sites is that you can ask psychic readers about anything you are curious about. A psychic is someone who can see beyond the known and into the unknown and deliver messages to you. They share their wisdom in a simple way to understand and process the way that helps prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Due to the many online psychic reading services, it tends to be difficult to choose one. We have compiled five of some of the best psychic reading services available today.

Top 5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites [Reviews]

  1. Kasamba - Free For First 3 Minutes & Best Psychic Reading Site Overall
  2. Keen - Most Accurate & Best For Beginners
  3. AskNow - Best For Reading Zodiac Signs
  4. Oranum - Best Wide Selection of Astrologers
  5. MysticSense - Free Tarot Readings For 5 Minutes

#1. Kasamba - Best Psychic Reading Site Overall


If you’re a total newcomer to the world of psychic readings or are looking to start exploring your options, then you should check out Kasamba. The service is dozens of different online psychics that all specialize in different aspects of divining the future. You’ll find people offering general free psychic readings and more specific tools such as tarot card readings and horoscopes.

One aspect we favor about the service is that Kasamba offers a free psychic reading trial offer. You will get one free psychic reading to see what the services have to offer and find a suitable reader for you. While some other sites have similar offers, theirs aren’t as welcoming as Kasamba. Most places give you the first few minutes free for your first call. Kasamba gives you a free psychic reading trial with every new guide you talk to.

Affordability is another factor that makes this service one of the best. A psychic reading from Kasamba is as affordable as it gets at just $1.99 per minute. However, you’ll have to pay more for the more experienced readers. The most expensive psychic readings can reach upwards of $20 per minute. Try out different readers using the free trial and choose one that suits you – and your budget.

The online psychics at Kasamba are confident in their abilities – and how much you’ll benefit from using them. That’s why your first reading is covered by a money-back guarantee worth up to $50. Feel free to claim a refund if you are dissatisfied for any reason.


  • 20+ years of experience
  • Three free minutes per psychic
  • Psychic readings by phone, chat, and email
  • It is chosen as the best online tarot reading site
  • Affordable rates


  • Money-back guarantee applies to first call only


  • Free trial whenever you visit a new psychic on the platform
  • A variety of experts and psychics using different tools for readings
  • Readings on almost any subject from love and life to career and money
  • Receive readings across different platforms including phone and email

Why We Recommend This Service

There’s a lot to like about Kasamba, and that’s why we can’t help but recommend it. The service is one of the best overall psychic reading services out there. You can get your reading however you want and you’re in control of how much it costs. Prices start at just $1.99 per minute depending on the experience of your chosen reader. Use the free trial to find someone you resonate with and go from there.

=> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Kasamba for the Best Deals

#2. Keen - Most Accurate & Best For Beginners


Are you looking for an astrology reading in particular? If so, then Keen has you covered. The platform has the widest range of astrology readers focusing on different subspecialties. Not only are there a dozen readers offering standard astrological readings, but the platform plays host to many others who specialize in Chinese astrology, Vedic astrology, and Mayan astrology.

Keen is also a great choice for anyone with a passing interest in divination. The service has plenty of free articles and other resources for clients. We love the horoscopes on offer. The service offers the standard daily readings you might expect, but they also have monthly and yearly horoscopes to give you a better idea of what the future has in store.

Like other psychic reading services, Keen psychics give you the first three free minutes of your first call. Of course, you’ll have to pay to keep the reading going past then. This isn’t much of a problem as the charges start low. As with Kasamba, more experienced readers cost more. Experienced keen psychics can cost up to $9.99 per minute.

Keep in mind that you get three free minutes for the first call you make.


  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Psychic readings by phone, chat, and email
  • $1.99 - $9.99 per minute
  • Free three minutes


  • Introductory offer only applies to your first session


  • Free trial introductory offer
  • Best for astrology with a variety of different disciplines
  • Daily, monthly, and yearly horoscopes
  • Other free articles and resources

Why We Recommend This Service

We recommend readers try Keen because it gives you so much for so little. Not only are the psychic readings affordable, but there are some free resources to investigate and enjoy. Are you curious about what’s coming up in your life? A quick horoscope reading might be all that you need. Don’t forget to read through the other articles and see what’s on offer at the website.

When you decide to spend money on the service, you’ll find it’s an affordable offering. The first three minutes come free and the rate per minute is cheap no matter which psychic you talk to. The most expensive option is $9.99 per minute, making it cheaper than the most expensive options with other services.

If you want a “love” reading, then you’ll no doubt be keen on Keen.

=> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Keen for the Best Deals

#3. AskNow - Best For Reading Zodiac Signs


Do you have a burning question you have to ask now? If so, then you’ll want to check out AskNow. This service connects you to dozens of different psychic readers. Most of the people here are mediums, which means that they talk to spirits and deliver guidance from people passed, such as loved ones. They act as a “medium” for spirits to talk to those of us still on Earth.

AskNow has some of the most prominent mediums on the internet, making them a top choice for those looking for this service. Their list of mediums includes the famous Medium Jozette, a Master with over thirty years of experience crossing the veil and passing on messages.

One small problem with AskNow is that the psychics only work through chat and phone calls. This can be somewhat frustrating for those who prefer to talk to mediums over emails and voice chat. Some services have these options. This isn’t one of them.

Another thing AskNow does differently is how it handles free minutes. Most services give you three free minutes right away. AskNow only gives you free minutes when you buy an introductory package. It isn’t as bad because the packages are so cheap, starting at just $1 per minute. The first three minutes are also with an Elite or Master-level psychic. Psychics at this level charge more than Top-Rated online psychics giving you the best deal.

When those introductory minutes are up, you’ll have to choose whether you want to keep talking to the experienced – and expensive – reader or switch to a different one. Starting with a more experienced reader and then changing to another one makes the process bumpier as it means you’ll be talking to someone else after a few minutes. If we’re being cynical for a second, this could also be a way to convince people they need to talk to the more expensive readers.


  • $1/minute introductory packages with five free minutes
  • $3.99 - $13+ per minute after that
  • 15 years of experience
  • Psychic readings available through phone and online chat


  • No email or video call options


  • Chat and phone psychic readings
  • Talk to spirit mediums to connect to the other side
  • Introductory packages with reduced rates
  • Various levels of online psychics for affordable readings

Why We Recommend This Service

We recommend AskNow to anyone interested in talking to a psychic medium. The service has some of the best mediums around at affordable prices. We also recommend it for the fair and interesting introductory offer. This is your chance to talk to an experienced medium for a few minutes without worrying about how much it costs. These psychics are more accurate than their counterparts, but the initial cost of entry puts people off.

AskNow is an excellent service for those who have burning questions they need to ask now. The lack of video or email options is a shame, but the service more than makes up for these shortcomings in other areas. This is a psychic reading service worth your attention.

=> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of AskNow for the Best Deals

#4. Oranum- Best Wide Selection of Astrologers


Oranum is the best online psychic reading service for video sessions. In fact, video sessions are the only kind of sessions Oranum does. You can only have your online reading done through video chat. This is more of a benefit than you might expect. With tarot readings, for example, the images and symbols on the card are incredibly important. You need to be able to see and read the cards for yourself and see how they resonate with you.

This service is one for those interested in tarot readings too. There are over 100 tarot readers plying their services here. This is good for you as it means you have plenty of options to choose from. Of course, it may also feel overwhelming to a beginner who doesn’t know what to look for. The limited filtering options don’t help in that regard.

Oranum has a unique way of charging customers. Unlike other sites that charge people per minute, this website runs on a credit system. You receive 9.99 credits for free when you sign up. Different psychics charge different credits. These 9.99 credits could get you one minute with an expert or up to three minutes with a less expensive reader.


  • Best service for video tarot readings
  • 10 years experience
  • Up to three minutes free


  • A credit system is sometimes confusing to work with


  • Video psychic readings
  • Plenty of readers to choose from
  • A unique credit system

Why We Recommend This Service

We recommend Oranum because it has such an excellent tarot reading service. Tarot cards are often about personal interpretation too. It’s best if you can see the cards and feel them for yourself. Having a live feed of the spread is a bigger benefit than you might realize. We also must recommend this service for the choice of readers. Some places have a few dozen readers at most – Oranum has over one hundred. You’ll be spoiled for choice when looking for a tarot card reader.

=> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Oranum for the Best Deals

#5. MysticSense - Free Tarot Readings For 5 Minutes


The MysticSense website instantly greets you with a selection of some of the best psychics on the website. These profiles also list the specialty of the psychic in question. Some of them are great at dealing with relationships and finding soulmates, while others are good for energy healing and financial affairs. Each profile also has a picture to show you who will conduct the psychic reading.

Don’t worry if it feels like there’s too much choice. MysticSense is one of the most accessible and easy-to-use astrology websites thanks to a wealth of filtering options. These options let you filter the potential choices until you find the right psychic for you. These filters include topics and specific tools including relationships, grief counseling, runes, tarot cards, and more.

The actual reading happenings over chat, phone, or video. You’ll see that some of the connection options are greyed out. This means that your chosen psychic can’t do that right away. If you prefer a video conference, then find a psychic available for a video reading.

Check the psychic’s profile to learn more about them. Their profile outlines how and when they discovered their gifts, who they are as a person and a psychic, and what to expect from a reading with them. These profiles also have video sections. You can see short videos of the online psychics to see how they conduct themselves and speak to get a better idea of if they are a good match for you.


  • Accessible website easy for beginners
  • Video profiles for psychics
  • Excellent free trial option


  • You must make a minimum deposit of $10 after the free five minutes are up


  • Different ways to connect to psychics
  • First five minutes free
  • Easy filtering options
  • Vetted psychics from around the world

=> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of MysticSense for the Best Deals

Beginner’s Guide To Using Card Reading Services

Some people believe that card reading services perfectly predict the future, but they aren’t that good. Tarot card readings are based on present decisions and the present situation. These psychic readings offer insight into a hidden knowledge that you have but aren’t aware of. They are more for guidance on issues and developing a deeper awareness and understanding.

Tarot cards are effectively a mirror of the soul. These cards act on intuition to help you understand the life you want to make – and picture it in your mind. They give you the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom you need to reach your goals.

  • Understanding The Tarot Deck

Your standard tarot deck has 78 cards. All the cards have unique imagery, symbolism, and a related story. 22 of these cards belong to Major Arcana. These cards offer powerful spiritual insights. The other 56 cards are split into the four suits of the Minor Arcana. These cards represent the struggles of regular life. Sixteen of these Minor Arcana cards are dedicated to different personality types.

With different decks to consider, many readers try a range of decks before finding the one that fits them. The ideal deck is one that speaks to the reader and conveys subtle messages. Tarot cards are more than symbols with stories attached. Fully understanding the subconscious messages these cards give is key for a tarot reader.

  • How To Prepare For A Tarot Card Reading

Preparation is key for anything in life, including getting a tarot reading. You should focus on the subject you are having trouble with, then focus on open-ended questions related to that issue. It’s better to avoid close-ended questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” as these bring the reading to a halt. For example, ask how you can find fulfillment with work rather than asking if you’ll get a promotion or not.

You should also be open with your reader so they can better assess your cards. Being open with the reader means they – and their cards – have a better chance to show you the ideal path you need to take.

We recommend that you come up with unique questions that matter to you instead of relying on questions from others. Use your own words to have the cards tell your story and not someone else’s. It’s up to you to take ownership of the situation and ask questions only about yourself for a deeper look into your subconscious.

Avoid rushing through the reading in the hopes of saving money. Longer and more in-depth readings get to the heart of the matter. Of course, you’re free to end a session early if you feel uncomfortable or think the answers aren’t helpful.

  • The Expert Difference

As with anything in life, you get what you pay for with online tarot card readings. The better the reader, the better your experience. An expert reader will also be able to connect with you by feeling your energy. Trained tarot readers are better at analyzing the cards and offering deeper insights into what’s troubling them.

Unskilled readers are more likely going to offer vague readings and inconsistent answers to your problems. Most readers at this level aren’t confident in their skills and may have more trouble connecting to you and the cards and interpreting the answers they get. Everyone wants an accurate reading and only an expert can give that.

You should check the profile of a reader before talking to them. Read through their experiences and their specialization. See what other people have to say about them. Once you find a reader you connect with and think is right for you, you can use a free trial to test that connection.

  • Can I Trust Free Tarot Card Readings?

There’s a major difference between free tarot card readings and paid services that offer free trials. Websites offer free trials to build trust with new users and show them what a professional reader can do.

Free card reading services often lack the human element needed for an accurate tarot reading. These services use bots to give default answers that apply to everyone. You’ll always get a standard response no matter your query.

Free services are a good option if you want an example of what online tarot readings may be like, but they can’t be trusted as much as reading from a genuine human reader.

Online Vs Offline Card Reading Services

Online tarot readings have some advantages over physical in-person readings. The first obstacle these readings overcome is finding a tarot reader near you. There aren’t that many to go around. Another issue is that, even if you find one, they might have business hours that don’t suit you.

An online reader is always available when you need them. You can get the reading you need from anywhere in the world. An effective card reader can also establish a connection with you without the need for a physical interaction or presence, so don’t worry about a drop of ineffectiveness. Online services also have profiles and other features that give you more of an insight into a reader. You’ll be hard-pressed to find something like that in the real world.

Of course, online psychic readings are also preferable in our current socially distanced world. It’s good to know that help and advice are there if you need it, even if you can’t leave your home to get it.

FAQs About Free Psychic Reading Online

Q. What Questions Can I Ask A Psychic?

You can ask your online psychics any question you can think of. The psychic can offer a spiritual perspective for anything on your mind. As mentioned earlier, however, it’s better to ask open-ended questions and avoid asking definitive ones.

Q. Will My Reading Always Come True?

There’s no such thing as a card reader or psychic that can offer a 100% guarantee their reading will come true. Keep in mind that these readings are interpretations of spiritual energy and there could be several interpretations.

Q. Where Do Card Readers Get Their Answers?

Psychics have a special gift called Extrasensory Perception or ESP. They can feel and sense information that others can’t. For tarot card readings, the cards offer an interpretation of the messages given by spirits, your life energy, and the energy of the reader. The answers come from deep within your subconscious.

Q. How Often Should I Have A Reading Done?

Some people like to get regular readings and form a bond with their psychic. Others like to talk to them at important moments, such as when making a major decision or when struggling with their love life. There are no limits to when you can have readings done, so long as you don’t depend on them. These readings are for guidance and advice, not the answer to every little thing in life.

Q. What Should I Think About During My Reading?

Tarot readings work best when the reader can connect with you. For that to happen, you need to have as empty and relaxed a mind as possible. You should focus solely on the questions you are asking and be open to receiving the answers.

Don’t forget that the reader needs a good understanding of what’s bothering you so they can appropriately address your concerns. It’s best you ask them clear questions. We recommend having questions prepared ahead of time, so you don’t overlook or forget something due to nervousness and overthinking.

Q. How Can A Tarot Reading Help?

Start by asking yourself what your current situation in life is. Tarot reading offers personal advice so you can grow and learn. These readings put you in touch with your inner self to get a look at where your life is going. A tarot reading helps by offering guidance and wisdom through clarity of your past, present, and future. These readings help you navigate the difficult moments in life and stay on the right path.

Conclusion - Which Online Psychic Reading Service Should You Go For?

If you’re tired of wondering about life and what’s coming next, then a tarot card reading or other psychic reading could be just what you need. Take advantage of a free trial or discounted reading to see what these psychic services have to offer. We recommend both Kasmaba and Keen as the best free psychic reading platforms of 2021.

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