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What are the best psychic reading apps in 2021?

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With the way the world is evolving , everything is going remote. More and more psychics are turning to offering their services online. On the other side of the coin, more and more users seek online psychic services as a way of safeguarding their true identity while having the convenience of chatting to a psychic from any time, or anywhere with just a tap of a button.

How do psychic reading apps work?

There’s a plethora of apps that offer such services, some have even been around for over 20 years; the top psychic app being Kasamba. The goal of these apps is to provide a safe, private, and secure environment for both the end user and the psychics. For the most part, a good online psychic app will scour the world for the best, professional, and intuitive psychics so you don’t have to. The psychics are then categorized by either price or by what type of reading they offer.

Different online psychic readings

While psychic readings have moved online, one can still get a whole lot of readings done. Psychic reading apps mostly offer various readings and hire only the best psychics for this.

Here’s a list of readings one can expect to have online

  • Numerology
  • Love & relationship
  • Tarot
  • Astrology readings
  • Birth Chart
  • Palm readings
  • Fortune telling
  • Crystal Ball
  • Dream Analysis
  • Aura readings
  • Pet readings

The list is endless, really. Having an online reading is just like doing a face-to-face session. There are no restrictions with what type of reading you can get. The only thing to watch out for is whether the app you register to is legit and trustworthy.

Where can one one find the best online reading app?

Online psychic reading apps are easily available for both IOS and android users. One can simply head on over to the app store, type “ Online psychic reading app” and get a whole variety of different apps that provide psychic services. At the end of this article, a list of the top psychic reading apps of 2021 are available for you, with the top, most trusted app being << Kasamba sign up here >>> and get 3 free minutes

Things to watch out for

While every app may promise you the best, accurate readings, not all of these apps are trustworthy. Before registering or spending money, always do a little homework and research.

Here is a basic yet solid guideline on how to know what is the best psychic reading app.

  • How long has the app or service been around for?

    Registering on a new app can be great but also, raises alarm bells. The ones that have been around forever, most probably have a good track record.

  • Are there ratings and reviews for each psychic?

    Most apps that are there to scam you have little to no information or reviews on their psychics.

  • How many reviews are there? The more, the better

    Sure, 100 reviews are good. But if you come across an app that has a big amount of reviews for each psychic, then you know it's the real deal as that means that a lot of users frequent the app regularly.

  • Will you stay anonymous?

    Having the option to be fully anonymous is crucial. This gives ease of mind and the ability to have the freedom to ask anything without being judged.

  • Does the app accept different payment methods, including PayPal?

    These apps should be versatile when it comes to their payment terms. Credit Card and Paypal options should be provided.

  • Is there a customer service section?

    This is very important. If something goes wrong or help is needed, one should be able to contact the customer service team easily.

  • Do they have up-to-date social media profiles, and are they engaging and fun?

    An app that is not 100% legit will not have striving social media profiles. Look for profiles that offer fun, interactive, and daily content.

How to spot a scam

Unfortunately, just as with any area of life, there will always be people who try to scam others of their money without providing a world-class service. This is why it’s extremely crucial to ask the questions mentioned above, so that you know what to look out for and what to run away from. There have been countless customers who have been scammed of their money and have no means of reimbursement.

Characteristics of a good psychic reading app

We touched base on what to look out for and how not to get scammed when using a psychic reading app, but now it’s time to talk about the good apps that exist and offer the customers the best psychic app service possible. These are the types of entities who only wish to guide, help, and fulfill other people’s lives.

Here are signs that a psychic reading app is the real deal;

  • You get to test out the psychic without paying
  • There’s a whole variety of psychics
  • There's a budget for everyone
  • You have a transcript of your previous reading
  • The app itself is user friendly
  • They company has been in the industry for a long time
  • There’s too many reviews to even read

So, what are the best psychic reading apps for 2021?

We’ve rounded up the ultimate list of the best psychic reading apps so you don’t have to. You can mostly find these apps on android and IOS stores, and they have a good rating overall. Also, these apps have been tried and tested, thus ensuring that only those with the best feedback get showcased on this list.

Here they are:

Kasamba- Users enjoy 3 free minutes with every psychic they try, this way they can see if they connect with the psychic without spending money straight away.

Psychic Medium Reading- Safe and 100% anonymous. IOS App, Android App

Palm Reading- Expert palm readers can be found on this specific app. IOS App, Android App

Tarot Cards Reading- Only the professional tarot readers are on this app. IOS App, Android App

Free Psychic Reading Prediction- User friendly app with tons of psychics to choose from. IOS App, Android App

Psychic Chat Reading- Easy to use and provides a safe environment for the customer. IOS App, Android App

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