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Best Male Enhancement Pills: Top 8 Sex Pills For Men[2021]

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Love doesn’t fade with age, but your body’s capacity to express it through sex might go down. We don’t need to tell you the importance of sexual satisfaction in a relationship. Sometimes you need a pill to get back to the times when you could actually perform in bed.

Most male enhancement pills you hear of make crazy claims. In TV commercials, there’s usually an absurd-looking person trying to sell you shady pills. But are there any genuine and safe pills that can boost your libido and sexual stamina?

Scientific research identifies a number of factors that play a critical role in a person’s sex drive and stamina. Using this information, some of the major brands have made male enhancement supplements with natural ingredients known to improve your sex life.

It’s not just about men. Their female partners may be left unfulfilled if men are not able to meet their needs and expectations. The drop in sexual energy could be due to a variety of reasons, some of which are unavoidable, like aging and genetics. But that doesn’t mean you cannot get your sex life back again.

Top 5 Male Enhancement Pills On The Market

  1. Performer8 - Best for Sexual Performance
  2. VigRX Plus - Best for Boosting Stamina & Harder Erections
  3. Testoprime - Best for Improving Sex Drive & Testosterone
  4. MaleExtra - Best for Longer Erections
  5. Viasil - Best For Men Over 40

How do Male Enhancement Pills Work?

These pills are manufactured with ingredients that boost sex drive, stamina, promote stronger erections, and also increase semen volume and motility. These male enhancement pills work by enhancing t-levels for men even when they are beyond the age of 40. Boost testosterone can solve the loss of libido problem in men.

These pills also improve blood flow so men can have a stronger erection that they can sustain longer. With improved sexual energy and long-lasting stamina, men can give their partners a memorable performance in bed.

Male enhancement pills also work to control cortisol levels, which is another way to improve testosterone levels and blood circulation.

The Best Male Enhancement Pills [Full Reviews]

#1. Performer8 - Best for Sexual Performance

What does it take to have the most satisfying sexual experience? Well, a hard dick is not the only thing. The urge to have sex and stamina to keep going is also as important as a strong erection.

Performer8 brings a total of eight benefits that will boost your sex life in a way you haven’t imagined. The company puts such trust in the product that it even offers a lifetime guarantee. But how does the product work?

While other brands often use sub-optimal ingredients and only work to increase the blood flow, Performer8 uses a natural formula researched by leading scientists in male nutrition. Men who have lost their self-esteem not being able to please their partners will find this to be effective on many levels. So, what does this male enhancement pill do?


  • It boosts testosterone levels

Without high enough testosterone, males tend to feel miserable and low on energy. The desire for sex is pretty much gone and even if they feel the sex drive, they are unable to get to the stage where both partners can feel satisfied.

Performer8 rescues men from this fate by including ingredients in its formula that are proven to increase testosterone thereby promoting sexual health. One of the potent testosterone boosters used in these pills is KSM-66 Ashwagandha.

  • It prevents premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can leave a man unfulfilled and embarrassed. So, Performer8 ensures that you don’t have to end the game before it even properly begins. This supplement helps you last longer so you can maintain erection and only ejaculate when both have reached the peak. The best thing is, you achieve this with natural and totally safe ingredients.

  • Making erection harder with increased length and girth

Sex doesn’t exist without a firm erection. It feels even better when the male has a sizable penis to get really to the bottom of the matter and has the girth to give the partner extreme pleasure. If you are unable to manage that, Performer8 will do the work for you and you will have something to boast about!

You will find Panax Ginseng, a highly reputed natural ingredient that is known to make erection harder, in this formulation.

  • Improves sexual focus

For men in their 40s or later age, it may not be natural to feel horny as often as the partner may want. Stress or mood imbalances could be some factors that hinder the desire for sex. This product has plant-based ingredients to help men feel the sexual desire and be eager to indulge in some hot action in the bed.

  • Sperm Volume and Motility

These factors decide how satisfying the climax is for men. Consuming this product will eventually help increase sperm volume and motility so men can experience more intense orgasm.

  • Revived sexual stamina

With sexual stamina back, you can sustain your erection and experience sexual bliss for a longer period. Performer8 is rich in ingredients that would enhance your capacity to indulge in sex. You can stay in the game longer with this product. With high-quality natural ingredients like Maca Extract, this supplement will also boost your sexual stamina.


  • Non-GMO and soy-free ingredients
  • Offers 8 benefits to boost men’s performance during sex
  • Uses a natural herbal complex
  • The brand offers a lifetime guarantee on this product
  • Free shipping worldwide


  • The stock gets sold out pretty frequently

Customer Experience

Well, the customers have found that if they continue to use this product as recommended by the brand, they soon notice a rise in their urge to have sex and are also able to sustain an erection longer than before.

The long-term users in their 50s or 60s find that over time, they can manage a pretty strong erection and can carry on until they reach the climax together. For most users, this is a pretty big change, and they have been able to recover their lost desire for sex. The change has been gradual, but they were not expecting the effects in such a short time.

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#2. VigRX Plus - Best for Boosting Stamina & Erections

While some products are just produced to be sold, others like VigRX are produced to be effective. A great deal of scientific research has been put into the formulation of this sexual performance booster. It is even recommended by Dr. Steven Lamm, director of NYU’s Center for Men’s health.

This male enhancement pill sticks to healthy natural ingredients. It was tested on 75 actual males for 84 days, and the results were quite incredible. Almost every man who was a part of the research experienced some form of improvement in sexual function.

For some, it was a long-lasting erection or a more intense sexual desire than before, others experienced increased stamina and energy. The reason most males dealing with sexual problems have turned to VigRX Plus is that it doesn’t contain any steroids that might harm male sexual health in the future.

By increasing the level of nitric oxide in the body, it relaxes all the muscles near the penis. It also speeds up the blood flow in the penis to help reduce Erectile Dysfunction. But to get all the benefits from the pill, you will need to consume it every day without a miss.


  • Bioperine makes other ingredients work better

Bioperine is the pungent component of black pepper and it makes it easier for the body to absorb minerals and vital nutrients. The presence of this ingredient in VigRX enhances the effect of all the natural herbs and compounds that it has for improving sexual function. This makes the formulation more potent and helps men regain their sex drive and stamina.

  • The optimum dose of each ingredient

Most people don’t realize that it’s not just the ingredients but also their dosage that decides how effective a supplement is. If something important is present in low quantity, it won’t have the desired effect. Too much of something less needed is also not helping you. This has been an important consideration in the manufacturing of VigRX Plus.

  • Strong erection to have penetrative sex

You cannot have penetrative sex without a strong erection that you can sustain long enough to please your female partner.

VigRX plus includes high-quality ingredients like Daminia to promote a firm erection and Hawthorn Berry to stimulate blood flow so men can maintain an erection longer.

  • An enhanced desire for sex

Manufacturers of VigRX very well understand how sexual desire fades with age. Even if you have the desire to experience it, your body may not have the drive to let you experience the pleasure. VigRX uses the Asian Red Ginseng, which is among the best-known ingredients to boost libido and improve sex drive.

  • Stamina to last long enough

Just getting your dick up won’t let you experience the ecstasy of sex. You got to build it through until both are ready for the climax. You must last long and have the stamina to go on with at the same pace as the two explode with sexual bliss.

  • Boosted testosterone production

Testosterone impacts men in more ways than just sexual. It helps you stay energetic and in a stable mood. Lack of testosterone is a major reason for losing sex drive and the ability to please your woman. The formula of VigRX has the North American herb Saw Palmetto, which helps boost testosterone production naturally.


  • Best for boosting sex drive
  • It has all the best plant-based ingredients to improve sexual function
  • Overall satisfaction during intercourse is improved
  • Increases the quality of orgasm
  • Erection size increases due to blood engorgement


  • Requires regular consumption for lasting benefits
  • Often goes out of stock

Customer Experience

The product has left a majority of customers satisfied. There are a lot of positive reviews from men in their 50s and 60s. It takes a little time to show results, but these are pretty noticeable when they happen. From sex drive to sexual stamina, it gives a major boost to all the sexual functions using only safe ingredients. No side effects are reported.

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#3. Testoprime - Best for Improving Testosterone

Low Testosterone is a common issue in middle-aged men and quite a big obstacle in the path of happiness and pleasure. With receding T-levels, forget about satisfying sex, it becomes difficult to carry on with the normal life with mood instability, fatigue at work, being worn out, and to add to all that, declining muscle mass.

Testoprime tops the list of natural testosterone boosters available today. It is a blend of all the most effective natural ingredients to get you back in time when you had plenty of testosterone for passionate sex and felt stronger and manly throughout the day.


  • Natural formula to boost testosterone

Various natural ingredients present in Testoprime help stimulate testosterone production. It has Aspartic Acid, which is proven to support the production of Luteinizing Hormone. This hormone promotes healthy levels of testosterone, firmer muscles, and loss of excess fat.

  • Boosted muscle recovery after a workout

It is a useful supplement for those who train at a gym and are trying to get back in shape. This testosterone booster has other properties that help you work out more and get better results. It will also naturally increase VO2 max levels to improve your endurance.

  • Naturally improves sexual desire

Testoprime helps deal with the very reason you are feeling low sex drive. It uses the world’s most popular herbal ingredients known to boost libido in men. If age is one of the reasons for losing your sex drive, Testoprime will help you feel the urge for sexual pleasure once again.

  • Reduces Stress

Stress is a major cause of several health issues. It also affects a man’s sex life as well as is disruptive to your fitness goals. Excessive eating is a common consequence of stress, which is why most men gain unwanted fat at certain stages of life.

Testoprime inhibits stress-causing cortisol, so it doesn’t affect your mood and you can go about your normal sex life and avoid overeating to stay in shape.


  • Turns fat into energy to support weight loss efforts
  • Helps you stay free of stress
  • It consists of natural libido boosters like Fenugreek
  • Uses ancient ingredients like Ginseng that are used for centuries


  • Takes some time to show noticeable results
  • You will need to use it regularly to get the desired effects

Customer Experience

Most of those with low T symptoms like fatigue, mood instability, or low sex drive have benefited from the regular use of Testoprime. The symptoms do not fade away instantly, but users who followed the instructions by the manufacturer felt more energetic with an enhanced desire for sex.

Those who used this for gym training found that it took fewer days to gain lean muscle mass. They also had more stamina to work out more aggressively in the gym.

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#4. MaleExtra - Best for Longer Erections

Plenty of men are looking for a natural solution to their low sex drive and poor stamina problem. Erectile dysfunction is, in fact, a reason for many failed marriages. MaleExtra focuses on these issues faced by a vast number of men.

No hassle, 100 days money-back guarantee, no auto-billing, and free shipping help new customers feel the encouragement to try out this natural and safe male enhancement pill for amazing sex. MaleExtra is a result of 15 years of research on innovative health products by the company.

This product has gradually gained the trust and appreciation of men who struggle to satisfy their women in bed. It helps men with bigger and harder erections also boosting stamina so they can last longer. How does it stand out from the rest of the male enhancement pills?

MaleExtra uses a unique formula that is rarely found in other male enhancement pills. It is backed by several studies to promote sexual functions in men without any side effects.


  • Supports sexual health by improving cellular and tissue health

These pills are a unique formulation with ingredients like Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, which stimulates the growth of healthy cells and tissues. These cells are more flexible and can hold more blood during an erection. The result of using this product is a bigger and firmer erection.

  • Prevents premature ejaculation by lowering histamine levels

The reason for the effectiveness of MaleExtra is totally scientific. It has L-Methionine, an ingredient known to block the production of histamine in your body, which is linked to premature ejaculation in men. This is why MaleExtra users can last longer in bed.

  • Improves the quality and longevity of an erection

Taking these pills will help relax and expand the blood vessels in the penis; this will increase the amount of blood flow during an erection. This not only promotes a harder erection but you can also hold it longer.

Niacin, L-Arginine, and Pomegranate Ellagic acid are the three most effective ingredients used in the formulation of MaleExtra that enhance the quality of orgasm.

  • Heightened sex drive

The manufacturers of MaleExtra understand the declining sex drive and have thus put efforts into researching the best natural ingredient across the world, which can improve sex drive in men.

Cordyceps is a natural aphrodisiac used in Chinese medicine that is one of the major ingredients in MaleExtra. It stimulates the area of the brain responsible for sexual desire.


  • Firm and long-lasting erection
  • Improved sex drive
  • Boosted self-confidence
  • No side effects
  • Worldwide shipping is available
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Takes at least 15 days to show results
  • It will not enlarge your penis size permanently
  • You can only purchase it online

Customer Experience

Buyers from the US and the UK get their delivery in 3 to 7 days and those from the rest of the world can expect the delivery in less than 20 days. There are 90 capsules in each bottle and you are directed to take 3 capsules every day. Those who follow this, notice undeniable results in the first few weeks.

As long as the buyers continue taking pills, they are able to enjoy long-lasting, passionate sex with a bigger and harder erection. Even senior citizens found great improvement in their sexual functions and an enhanced sex drive after taking the pills for a while. No users reported any discomfort after taking the pills.

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#5. Viasil - Best For Men Over 40

Well, this Swiss brand has been super selective in handpicking the best ingredients to enhance overall sexual performance in men. The Swiss are known for their science and their quality, and this is pretty evident in their male enhancement pills.

There is a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the results. But it has a lot of satisfied users even over the age of 50.

These pills work super-fast and will get your flag high during sex. Besides giving you a thick and sizable erection, it also helps reduce anxiety. Viasil works on both your mental and physical faculties so you can have satisfying sex. Regularly taking the pills will allow you to last longer in bed and experience a gratifying climax.

Consuming Viasil over a period of time helps men get brilliant ejaculation and enhanced stamina in the bedroom. It’s the perfect answer to those who think that a natural male enhancement pill cannot get you the results.


  • Renewed sexual desire and confidence

If you can’t get aroused easily, Viasil has several ingredients to make you horny and eager for sex. Even for men who haven’t felt the same sex drive for a long time, consuming this male enhancement pill will bring a huge change. The brand uses Barrenwort, a Chinese herb, to help boost sex drive in men.

  • Helps with lack of energy during sex

Not having the energy to engage in sex is quite a common issue. Viasil is formulated using natural ingredients to increase sexual energy and stamina in men. It will improve ATP production so you will have the strength and endurance to keep going with your partner until you both are ready to explode with ecstasy.

  • Get a firm and lasting erection

Of course, you need to get your dick to rise and get it hard enough for you to enjoy penetrative sex. This is where this Swiss-made male enhancement pill will help you. Taking it regularly will improve blood flow to the penis and help with a powerful and lasting erection. You can easily hold it long enough to enjoy sex with your woman.

  • Helps with anxiety

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the ingredients in Viasil that will improve your mood and calm you enough so you can feel sexual desire. Getting an erection can be difficult if you are feeling some anxiety. This will help you get over the mental barriers so you can get a hard erection.


  • It will boost sex drive while also relieving stress and anxiety
  • Uses the best quality natural ingredients
  • It can cure erectile dysfunction
  • 100-day money-back guarantee


  • It is slightly expensive

Customer Experience

Buyers have found that they can have a stronger erection that they can sustain longer once they start to take these pills regularly. Those who take the pill half an hour before sexual intercourse get the best out of it. Users felt that besides giving them a solid boner, it also helps improve their confidence and mood.

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#6. ProSolution Plus - Treats Erectile Dysfunction

Most men struggle to find a natural and medically approved male enhancement product. That’s because most of them out there are not genuine. They might only work for some people due to the placebo effect.

ProSolution Plus is a product of great scientific research and is derived from two of the world’s oldest and greatest natural medicinal sciences; Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. The American Journal of Therapeutics confirms the findings of this formula.

These pills are clinically tested and are also approved by doctors like Dr Dave, an M.D. and a surgeon. Getting these pills is the most logical step for those looking for a herbal solution to sexual problems. However, if it doesn’t work out for you, there is a 67-day return window to get your money back.

ProSolution Plus works on all those bodily functions that are vital to having great sex. From improving libido and erectile quality to preventing premature ejaculation, you can definitely get your sex life back with this supplement.


  • It will increase your sex life and performance-

Its time tested herbal and natural ingredients have proved effective in reviving sex drive in men. ProSolution Plus will enhance the feeling of attraction for your sexual partner and will eventually increase the frequency of sex with your partner.

  • Get a strong and hard reaction to please your woman-

You can boast a magnificent erection to your partner and do wonders in bed with the regular use of ProSolution Plus. It is medically proven to increase blood flow and also increase nitric oxide for a larger erection. It increases intracavernous pressure to cure erection difficulties.

  • It helps reduce stress and inflammation in men-

The Asparagus Adscendens present in these pills inhibits proinflammatory cytokines and also provide natural relief from stress. So, this can help a lot of men feel more eager to have sex than those who struggle with these issues.


  • Clinically tested to be effective
  • 67 days money-back guarantee
  • Includes ingredients used in ancient Indian and Chinese medicines
  • It is super effective in treating premature ejaculation and ED


  • No cons for this product

Customer Experience

ProSolution Plus has a huge customer base. Many have tried this doctor- approved product and the majority have felt the effects pretty soon after they started using it. It is not a magic pill; it is the scientifically researched formula that improves sexual function that men notice with regular use of ProSolution plus.

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#7. Max Performer - Best for Boosting Testosterone Levels

Now here is a product that allows men to enjoy normal sex despite issues like ED, low sex drive, poor stamina, or immature ejaculation. You don’t have to let these affect your sex life. Manufactured in London, this product is formulated with the best known natural ingredients to improve the sexual functions of your body.

Max Performer is proven to enhance blood flow and boost testosterone levels. This not only results in improved sex drive and a harder erection but also keeps men in a pleasant mood and eager for sex. Max Performer helps eliminate all those issues that hold men back from having intense and satisfying sex.

It is not just the perfect blend of top-class ingredients but their perfect proportions that make Max Performer so effective. Since it is totally natural, it offers all the benefits while being safe for consumption.


  • You can expect a stronger orgasm

Taking Max Performer pills will increase both the size and the strength of your erection. As the natural ingredients present in this formulation kick in, the enhanced blood flow and semen production will allow you to experience a more powerful orgasm together.

  • Men get a more solid erection

Bigger and harder erections can make sex a lot more pleasurable for both of you. Taking these pills will improve the size of a man’s erection and he can sustain it longer for prolonged sexual fun.

  • Lost sex drive will be felt again

For different reasons, men may lose their desire for sex. It could be due to age or another reason. Max Performer targets the major causes for loss of sex drive. It will boost libido to revive sex drive in men.

  • Increased sexual stamina

Men taking these pills never get to hear complaints of not lasting long enough in bed. Max Performer has the world’s best natural herbs that improve stamina so men can stay in the game for much longer than before. You can have intense sex without feeling a lack of energy.


  • This will boost the overall confidence of men in bed
  • It has Maca that improved sperm count and motility
  • It gets you in the mood for sex
  • 100% natural and safe ingredients


  • Visible results may take some time

Customer Experience

Max Performer has left the majority of customers totally satisfied. People with different kinds of issues like erectile dysfunction, poor stamina, or low sex drive have all felt a gradual improvement in their sexual function once they start using this supplement.

For some, it takes more time to see visible results, but most buyers eventually get amazing results without any negative side effects.

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#8. Semenax - Increases Orgasm Intensity

Sex is nothing without a truly intense orgasm. There is a very good reason why it’s called the climax. Men must not forget that the quality of their semen has a lot to do with the satisfaction of sex. Semenax is the answer to men seeking a natural or herbal solution to their declining semen volume and unsatisfying ejaculations.

This brand uses natural ingredients to increase men’s semen volume. It’s a superfood for the reproductive system that allows men to experience massive loads of semen. If you feel that your ejaculation is lacking in power, this may be the right product to try. Its formula is approved by healthcare professionals and has no side effects.


  • Makes the semen richer-

Semenax increases the bulbourethral gland fluid which is responsible for making semen load thicker and jellylike. That’s not it. This will also gradually increase the seminal plasma, prostate gland fluid, and seminal vesicle fluid that will contribute to a massive orgasm.

  • It will boost libido and testosterone levels-

The horny goat weed is a natural ingredient present in Semenax that will lead to greater sperm production by improving testosterone levels and libido. It also helps enhance sex drive in men. This will also solve a lot of problems like fatigue and mood instability issues in men.

  • Better orgasm control-

Some of the ingredients present help solve premature ejaculation issues in men, so they can hold their erection and keep going until they reach the peak of sexual ecstasy and are ready for a gratifying climax.


  • Men can experience super long orgasm
  • Improved orgasm control after using these pills
  • Semen quality and volume will improve


  • A bit pricier

Customer Experience

This has made many customers happy who didn’t know that sex can get any better. For the majority of men, it got better after using the supplement for over a few weeks. Sensitivity and longevity both have increased for the users. Greater control means they can last longer and build up more sexual tension before the intense orgasm.

Even for men in their 60s, this supplement doubles the volume of semen. It’s truly wonderful and can realistically improve the sex life of males of all ages.

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Buying Guide For Male Enhancement Products

Does it have the necessary micronutrients reproductive system needs?

It should have ingredients that provide the nutrition needed by men’s reproductive system to work smoothly. The best male enhancement pills not just increase blood flow but also are rich in micronutrients that keep the reproductive system healthy.

Does it promote testosterone production?

Testosterone plays a key role in sperm production as well as in libido or sex drive in men. Low testosterone levels can produce multiple challenges to normal sex life. It is therefore very important that the best male enhancement pills must have some ingredients that will naturally boost testosterone levels.

Besides sex, low-T also impacts life in other ways. Men with low testosterone levels will feel fatigued more often and will also struggle with anxiety, frustration, and a lack of energy and enthusiasm.

Does it increase semen volume?

The quality of semen affects the satisfaction in a climax. A male enhancement supplement should help improve semen volume so men can experience a stronger orgasm. The pills should also help them gain more control over their orgasm and prevent premature ejaculation.

FAQs About Male Enhancement Pills

Q. How do these pills work?

These pills have a variety of ingredients, each of which works to improve a different sexual function in your body. Some might stimulate a hormone that promotes testosterone production or boosts libido. Others may improve blood flow to your penis.

The best male enhancement pills only stimulate the natural sexual function and therefore do not cause any negative side effects.

Q. Who needs these pills?

Young or old, anyone who is not able to enjoy sex or doesn’t feel the urge to get intimate with their romantic partners can go with one of these brands. Most people begin to suffer from loss of sexual energy and desire in their old age, but young men can also improve their sex life with these enhancement pills.

They can expect more sizeable erections and also enhance their stamina while having sex. Some of these best pills will also increase the semen volume for a more potent and pleasurable orgasm.

Q. Are these pills safe?

The best pills are lab tested and approved by medical experts before making them available to the public. Also, since these are formulated with herbal and natural ingredients that have already been known and used for centuries, there is hardly any risk of a side effect.

In Conclusion -Most Effective Male Enhancement Pills?

The changes in our bodies are inevitable as we age. Most men don’t want to talk about it and suffer silently. Fear of being thought of as weak keeps several men from looking for a solution. In standing alone and helpless, men don’t just ruin their sex lives but may also negatively impact their relationships.

You are not the only one. Most men can’t get as hard as they once did and may not feel the energy or the desire to have sex. Fortunately, we have plenty of high-quality, natural male enhancement pills that are lab tested and validated by medical doctors. These pills are very safe and can gradually restore all your sexual functions.

So, if you really want to get back to intense sex, there is nothing to stop you. The best enhancement pills out there use ancient herbs that have been known to be effective for a very long time. Top brands are offering money-back guarantees so if you really want to try them, you may go ahead without risking your money.

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