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Best GRE Prep Course: Which One Will Launch You To College

Best GRE Prep Course (leadspring 9)

Your career and college dreams greatly depend on your Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.

With the help of GRE test takers and teachers, our expert team thoroughly reviewed and compared the best GRE prep courses based on the overall effectiveness, quality of study materials, cost, support, and other relevant features.

Here are the top five online GRE prep courses and the detailed guide to help you easily find the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

Top 5 GRE Test Prep Courses:

1. Magoosh - the all-in-one and affordable course with plenty of video materials

2. Achievable - the great selection of practice tests at a reasonable price

3. Kaplan - offering the authentic exam experience and the detailed curriculum

4. PrepScholar - a guarantee of 7 additional points with every new test take

5. Target Test - offering extra help with math or any other specific skills

Our Top Picks

Top 5 GRE Test Prep Courses

1 - Magoosh

It is a well-rounded self-paced online GRE prep course with in-depth lessons and tests that perfectly simulate the actual GRE exam, predict your GRE scores, identify the areas you need to focus on and track your learning, comparing you to others.

Magoosh custom study schedule and checklist options for various study times and skills help keep you on track and motivated.

Although the Magoosh GRE prep course includes essay evaluation and daily live classes with a GRE expert with the Premium plan only, it seems to offer the best value for the money compared to the other GRE courses.


  • A personalized intuitive dashboard with a series of study plans covering all GRE areas
  • Comprehensive textual and video course materials easily accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device with the Internet access
  • Expert assessment, performance analysis, and 24/7 student support via email or chat, score predictor based on your test prep results, and +5 total score guarantee
  • An affordable price point with a money-back guarantee


  • Magoosh GRE prep resources include fewer GRE exam practice tests than other companies

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2 - Achievable

Achievable is another affordable all-inclusive online self-paced GRE test prep course.

Their mobile-friendly adaptive learning platform and quiz-focused approach make it ideal for people short of time to study who are always on the go and prefer to learn by doing.

Achievable also promises a +7 total score increase and offers free resources in addition to the digital textbook that contains bite-sized lessons with examples and review modules written in plain, conversational, easy-to-understand language.


  • Includes the greatest selection of high-quality practice test questions and full-length practice exams that simulate the actual test
  • Its evaluation tool provides unlimited, immediate, and individualized essay grading feedback
  • Reasonably priced, with a 7-day refund guarantee


  • No video lessons, live tutoring, or personalized study plans to keep you focused and accountable

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3 - Kaplan

Unlike many other online GRE courses, the Kaplan GRE prep course allows students to experience an authentic exam atmosphere and conditions by simulating a full-length GRE practice exam in an approved testing center, which helps students anxious about the test day alleviate fears and gain confidence.

Kaplan offers hours of exclusive live online learning and on-demand lessons, plus one-on-one expert tutoring with a customizable curriculum and quizzes, personalized assignments, and support to keep you encouraged and on track.

With the Kaplan GRE prep program, you get the best GRE prep books (online or hardcopy), high-quality HD video lessons on the GRE Channel, and a score improvement guarantee. Users who don’t score higher can ask for a full refund or re-take the prep course for free.


  • An impressive amount of practice exams and customizable quiz questions with GRE score progress tracking, and a trial test prep ensures greater knowledge and confidence
  • Detailed first-rate hardcopy and online textbook, and app-based flashcards make studying and memorizing vocabulary words easier
  • Live online instruction with elite instructors to answer questions about the test topics, discuss test-taking strategies, and more


  • Compared to the other best GRE prep courses, Kaplan may be on the pricey side

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4 - PrepScholar

One of the coolest features of the PrepScholar GRE prep course is their unique, smart “CustomPrep” algorithm designed to provide each student with an efficient, personalized study plan tailored to everyone’s individual needs.

Even better:

As you progress through your online course, the learning algorithm constantly updates your study plan, optimizing it to your knowledge and skills and enabling you to make the most of your precious time.

That makes the PrepScholar GRE online prep course perfect for students who want to maximize gains and minimize the time spent on GRE preparation due to the limited time to study - a full-time job and or any other reason.

Another cool thing is that you can get unlimited access to detailed, well-crafted practice material while preparing for the GRE. However, much of their lessons are text-based and require lots of reading.

If a person completes all the lessons and practice exams without getting a higher score by a minimum of seven points, they’ll get a full refund.

The starting price of the course basic plan is among the affordable options but doesn’t include essay reviews like the plan with lifetime access you get for an additional cost.


  • Offers a unique learning algorithm, high-quality course material, and interactive lessons with personalized content and reminders for each student
  • Their 7-point score increase guarantee is the best of all score guarantees
  • Offers free 5-day trial access


  • No mobile app, no live instruction or other tutoring options, prep books, and the number of practice questions and exams is limited

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5 - Target Test

The Target Test prep GRE course is one of the online courses for GRE test preparation that everyone ambitious about earning impressively high scores (especially on the quantitative section GRE questions) should consider.

When you take the GRE test, if you don’t get a high score in your GRE quant section after completing the Target Test prep GRE course, they provide refunds.

Suppose you need extra help while studying or want to hone your verbal skills and cover the verbal section in addition to advanced math. You can get private live tutoring besides their regular 24/7 email and live chat student support and ask a tutor any questions you may have.


  • Offers a comprehensive study plan, lots of sample questions for practicing challenging areas, recorded lessons, live-streamed tutorials, free resources, etc.
  • Live support and private tutoring available
  • Free trial and flexible access periods and options


  • No full-length practice exams or preparation for the GRE subject test options other than the quant section (math)

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How Do You Pick the Right Course?

Ensure you consider the following features before choosing the top GRE prep course for yourself.

  • Course Style

Many available prep courses are of high quality, but not all of them will perfectly fit your specific needs and requirements.

For that reason, you must consider your learning style when choosing the best GRE test prep course for yourself (besides your budget, schedule, strengths, and weaknesses).

So, think about how you learn best and what matters most to you. Would you like to take a completely self-guided approach or need an instructor-guided self-study or even face-to-face tutoring options?

Determine all the details of your preferred learning style and find the GRE prep course that best matches it.

  • Practice Exams

While some GRE test prep courses provide students with in-depth materials, including adaptive full-length practice tests, others don’t offer any practice exams before the test date, making it even more daunting for not so confident test takers.

It’s critical for boosting confidence and monitoring progress that students pick the course that’ll expose them to a large number of diverse and challenging practice questions and as many full-length practice exams as possible before the big exam day.

  • Video Tutorials

What sets the best GRE prep courses from the rest is that they offer hours of video content besides various other additional resources and practice materials.

These may include interactive videos, live or recorded video lessons, on-demand video lectures, instructor-led video solutions that come with the test practice questions to lead a test taker to the right answer, giving detailed explanations, pointing out the traps and errors to avoid, etc.

  • Score Guarantee

Some GRE test prep courses offer students a specific score improvement guarantee. For instance, they claim they’ll provide you a minimum X-point score increase or a money-back guarantee if you fail to achieve it.

Those who haven’t achieved the desired results on their previous GRE exam might feel more confident if they pick such a GRE prep course.

  • Tutor Support

Top GRE prep courses usually offer private tutoring from expert instructors, empowering GRE test takers with additional support in making the most out of their GRE test prep time and overcoming weaknesses to increase their GRE test scores.

Moreover, some GRE courses also offer forums, message boards, or similar social and community support groups, enabling students to motivate each other, share their knowledge and experiences, clear doubts, etc.

  • Essay Grading

If essay writing isn’t among your academic strengths, you need to sharpen your critical thinking skills, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling.

So, a good idea would be to strive for a GRE prep course that offers one-on-one tutoring service with personalized scoring of essays (expert assessments or AI essay checking and grading options) because regular, active essay feedback may ensure you get a higher GRE test score.

  • Mobile App

Not all GRE prep courses offer a free mobile app, giving students online access to all the learning materials from their tablet, iOS, or Android smartphone besides the computer.

This feature allows you the freedom to study anytime and anywhere you find convenient, even on the go, to avoid wasting your precious time.


How Long Does It Take to Prepare for the GRE?

How long it takes to prepare for the GRE is individual and depends on how many hours a day you put into studying. On average, three months would suffice, but the GRE preparation time could range from four to 24 weeks.

What Is a Good GRE Score?

A good GRE score for majority programs would be at least 75th percentile, or at least 157 in Verbal Reasoning, 161 in Quantitative Reasoning, and 4.5 in the AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment) section.

Still, a good GRE score for you depends on your desired school and program. Generally, you should aim for a test score higher than the average - above 306 in total.

What GRE Prep Course Is The Best?

After reviewing the top prep courses, our team’s choice and recommendation would be Magoosh GRE self-paced course as one of the most comprehensive GRE prep courses.

Many students are satisfied with its price, course material, practice system, and easy-to-use platform that enables them to study anywhere, any time.

Besides best value, accessibility, flexibility, and many other convenient features, Magoosh offers a higher score guarantee, money-back guarantee, and a seven-day free trial.

Set up your Magoosh account and let us know how you like this self-paced online GRE prep course.

Or tell us which course you find best and why. Our unbiased reviews and in-depth guide have hopefully helped you decide easily.


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