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Why More Growers in Denver are Using Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower Seeds (direct media)

The Cannabis industry continues to grow to record numbers throughout Colorado, and in Denver in particular, Cannabis sales are immense. As of 2021, over 1,100 Cannabis-related business licenses are operating out of nearly 500 locations in the city. There is intense competition to gain a more significant share of the market, and even local households are looking to grow their own Cannabis in large volumes.

As more people look to grow, use, and sell Cannabis, the need for versatile and resilient plants has become a primary concern. It is in this space that autoflower strains have seen an explosion in popularity. The natural benefits of autoflower strains have allowed individuals in all types of locations to produce large amounts of Cannabis with minimal effort.

However, not everyone is aware of what autoflower seeds do or that they even exist. For this reason, we are going to spend some time here breaking down the basics of high yield autoflower seeds, what their benefits are, and where you can find some for yourself.

What are Cannabis Autoflower Seeds

Perhaps the biggest reason people looking to grow Cannabis don’t buy autoflower seeds is that they simply don’t understand how they differ from standard options. Simply put, autoflower seeds can flower within only two to four weeks, regardless of light schedule, and some varieties can be harvested in less than eight weeks. Autoflower plants are also compact and hardy, able to resist pests and diseases better than their photoperiod cousins. These advantages make Cannabis autoflower seeds perfect for beginning growers and offer professional cultivators an added level of versatility.

Many of the autoflower seeds in the USA have been modified to be more potent than their ancestors and are capable of providing multiple harvests in a single growing season.

The most significant difference between autoflower plants and photoperiod plants is that autoflower plants will flower based on an internal timer rather than as a reaction to environmental factors. Photoperiod plants will start to flower as they detect changes in the amount of daylight they are experiencing; this cues them in on the current climate and dictates how and when to start producing seed-bearing flowers. Autoflower strains, on the other hand, switch from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase due to their age rather than from external sources and will take only eight to eleven weeks to complete a life cycle —with about five weeks being spent in the flowering stage.

The Benefits of Using Autoflower Seeds

While auto flower seeds were looked down upon in the past since they provided smaller yields and less potent Cannabis, many of these drawbacks have been rectified in the newer modified strains.

Finding and rating the best autoflower seeds can be tricky since many of the classic strains have had their genetics altered in recent years in order to provide for a better harvest.

Breeders advancing the plant has allowed it to come into its own, and many of the unique benefits they offer have now been attracting a great deal of attention. Some advantages of autoflower plants include:

They Take Up Less Room

The majority of autoflowering plants will grow to around 40 inches in size, which is much shorter than standard Cannabis plants (that can grow well over ten feet tall). This size difference makes high yield autoflower plants much more versatile and a popular choice for indoor growing and backyards.

Shorter Times to Harvest

High yield autoflower seeds can go from seed to harvest much faster than traditional Cannabis. Growers are able to get the first harvest from these plants in under 13 weeks and can sometimes be as fast as seven weeks! This rapid growth allows for multiple harvests in a single season.

They Are Very Resilient

Autoflower strains make for very durable plants and are great for beginners since they are forgiving of mistakes made in the growing process. Pests, insects, and even fungal pathogens are all less likely to kill a harvest from an autoflower plant, and they do not require as many nutrients. You also do no need to adjust the lightning in order to stimulate flower growth in autoflower plants.

Autoflower Seeds Will Continue to Grow in Popularity

While the first autoflowers that appeared for sale in the early 2000s were not quick to catch on (they were not very powerful, and they didn’t yield much), today, we are seeing them catch the attention of people all over the country. Today’s autoflowers can match feminized photoperiod strains in terms of THC potency and produce much higher yields than in years past.

With recent breeding techniques allowing Autoflower plants to produce both higher yields and more potent flowers than ever before, autoflower strains will continue to grow in popularity amongst DIY growers and serious commercial enterprises in Denver that are looking for more versatility.

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