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Angela Kim And Mommy Diary Giving Hope and Inspiration To All Mothers

Angela Kim (ascend 44)

Mommy Diary is a blog owned and managed by Angela J. Kim, a former writing professor and native of Orange County, California. Her blog covers a variety of topics very personal to her, from lifestyle to motherhood and even travel. Through her website, Angela is able to reach mothers around the world who are trying to make the most out of their experience in parenting.

Angela is a mother of four children and in her blog, she often writes about motherhood, pregnancy, special needs parenting, and DIY projects. She started writing online in 2013 after leaving her job to become a full-time mom to her first daughter. Elise, Angela’s first daughter, has special needs, and being a first-time mom, she didn’t like the idea of getting childcare for her daughter.

Becoming an author was Angela’s childhood dream and blogging allowed her to fulfill this dream. Her blog has reached millions of people around the world and is now valued as a six-figure business. Angela started writing blogs as a hobby, but because of her passion and genuine concern for other mothers, she became highly successful.

Angela loves sharing moments from her life and has garnered a following of over 280,000 followers on Instagram. She is never shy about sharing her struggles as a first-time mom, especially after knowing the genetic condition of her daughter. While still adjusting to her new life as a parent, she welcomed her second baby, and taking care of two young children became difficult for Angela at one point.

Long periods of isolation, her husband’s busy work hours, and leaving her job were some of the things that made Angela fall into postpartum depression. Fortunately, she turned to her passion for writing and sharing her thoughts with the world. By being able to express herself, she was able to resonate with mothers around the world and continued to grow a following. Making a living out of blogging was not Angela’s initial plan, but when the opportunity came, she knew she had to grab it.

Blogging became the comfort for Angela and she started sharing her story with the world. She has inspired a lot of mothers, especially those who are raising their own children who have special needs. Angela’s incredible story of recovery and becoming influential was featured on some websites like Popsugar, Mother.ly, and Healthline.

Over the years, Angela J. Kim has worked with notable lifestyle brands such as Disney, Samsung, Starbucks, Target, H&M, Popsugar and Amazon among many others. With her beautiful photography, creative videos and professional writing skills, she continues to garner attention from brands and followers from around the world. Today she is one of the leading Asian American lifestyle bloggers in the motherhood community.

Besides blogging, Angela is also fond of telling her story through a combination of words and photography. She has a strong social media presence which she is continuing to grow. Because of her influence on social media, she is able to draw sponsorships and partnerships for her blog and personal brand. Angela has previously worked with notable lifestyle brands and advertised trendy products and services valuable to her readers and their families.

Angela continues to use her platforms to educate and inspire mothers to be the best version of themselves. She continues to show her passion for sharing valuable tips to make motherhood more fun and rewarding. What Angela used to heal herself from postpartum depression became the path for her success.

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