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Andrew Ochoa’s Journey From a US Military Sergeant to an Influential Entrepreneur

Andrew Ochoa (ascend 33)

It is never too late to switch your focus once you’ve found an endeavor you consider to be more rewarding and fulfilling. Regardless of your background, you have the potential to reach your goals as long as you have the willingness to take action. After all, what’s stopping you from turning your dreams into reality isn’t where you come from or what you used to do, but your choice to limit yourself.

This is the wisdom that former military sergeant, now branding expert Andrew Ochoa wishes to impart to those who know about his story. He used to be in the United States Army, but when his contract ended in 2018, he decided to pursue a different career. While studying to be a licensed vocational nurse (LVN) to eventually become a registered nurse (RN), he worked as a machinist.

However, although his planned career path was rewarding, it wasn’t something he saw himself doing in the long run. Therefore, when an opportunity to work at a telemarketing company came along, he decided to focus on that instead. Through his friends in this industry, he saw that they were making good money and had stayed in their jobs for years. This led him to think that he could also do the same.

Andrew knew that making it big as an entrepreneur wouldn’t be an easy feat. However, if others could do it, then why couldn’t he? Even the most successful people used to be beginners, so this would be Andrew’s beginning. After quitting his job, he spent time and put a lot of effort into learning as much as possible about the sales game. He listened to his mentors’ advice, read self-help material, and tried to learn as much as he could from experienced veterans.

That is why Andrew always emphasizes that the foundation to success is taking action. After all, when he decided to take the risk to pursue entrepreneurship, his life changed for the better. He is now the CEO of Triple M Inc. and inspires hundreds of thousands on Facebook and Instagram. Andrew is also on a mission to help others in the same field gain success, just like he did.

Andrew helps his clients grow their businesses through branding. He first aids them in gaining followers on Instagram, which, in turn, can increase their credibility, help them attract attention, build relationships, and eventually generate revenue. They can then use their profits to invest in widening their audience reach. As a result, the snowball continues to grow, leading them further down the path to success.

Through Andrew’s journey, he has proven that as long as you're willing to chase after your goals, no one and nothing can prevent you from reaching them. His background, lack of knowledge and experience as a beginner, and even the pandemic weren’t able to stop him. Just like how he decided to be an entrepreneur because he believed he also could if others had done it before, he’s confident that anyone can follow in his footsteps.

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