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Amanda Van Annan the Headlines on Social Media with Her Book "Win The Runway"

Amanda Van Annan (ascend 7)

Amanda Van Annan, at the young age of just 16, recognized her talent and had already established herself to pursue her passion after knowing the artist inside her. Even after being born into a family of politicians, Amanda Van Annan had chosen a different path for her future. After a year of promising alumnus at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, Susie Solis, a renowned makeup artist, chose Amanda Van Annan for her potential to be a good model. And as a famous model, Amanda Van Annan started to make her successful future in the field of modelling. Susie Solis introduced Amanda Van Annan to an agent from Unique Model Management and seeing Amanda Van Annan's modelling and acting skills, she was immediately signed to a modelling agency. Only two weeks after signing she was busy shooting her first campaign for Vidal Sassoon The campaign whose purpose was to inform the ethnic population about Vidal Sassoon products.

Amanda Van Annan in her book "Win the Runway" also discusses all the realities associated with the modelling industry. All the information about all the good and bad works about the modelling industry has been provided to the reader. And the best practices and techniques for a model to deal with certain situations are also given in this book. In "Win The Runway", Amanda Van Annan draws on her experiences in the modelling industry on a range of topics including racism, nepotism, drugs and sexual abuse.

Amanda Van Annan through her book "Win The Runway" provides future models with the knowledge and methods they need to succeed in their careers in the modelling industry. To further help new models, Amanda Van Annan has decided to team up with various models, agents and photographers around the world to launch an online modelling coaching program. Amanda Van Annan wants to reach out and help all the aspiring models who want to make a name for them in the modelling industry, and achieve all the goals of their life to be successful.

Amanda Van Annan takes great pleasure in helping people achieve their highest potential and their goals. If she can use the things she has to build others, she will be happy to do so. Amanda Van Annan is actively involved in raising funds for charity and educating the underprivileged. She is participating in various activities which support women across the world.

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