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Alpha Heater Reviews - Consumer Warnings and Safety Evaluation

Alpha Heater

Alpha Heater is a recently launched but top trending space heater to help you get through the cold, harsh summers without worrying about the rising electricity costs. Its official website mentions it as a compact electronic equipment which can be easily moved from one place to another without any hassle as it is lightweight and easy to carry. Alpha Heater comes with additional safety features which makes it safe to use through the night without worrying about it much.

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Winter has always been harsh for humans and to fight it, they have always been using various methods to keep themselves warm and healthy. For example, the primitive man relied on burning firewood to keep his home warm.

This was later replaced by burning coal and gradually, the use of electronic heaters took over as it was safer and more workable. However, such heaters have a major drawback of costing huge amounts of dollars every month as they use an enormous amount of electricity every hour. This has made people much hesitant in using such appliances on a daily basis.

However, with winters getting harsher every month, it has practically become impossible to get through the winters without using heaters to stay warm. Considering these circumstances, Alpha Heater has been introduced for the general public as a compact, small-sized heater that can keep you warm without costing you thousands of dollars.

Is Alpha Heater a good investment? What features does it come with and how much do you need to pay to get one for yourself? This Alpha Heater review contains all the information that you need to know about this appliance.

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Alpha Heater Review

With the ever-rising global inflation, the electricity cost is rising with every passing day. Moreover, there is no chance of it going back within the affordable range. This makes it extremely difficult for people to afford any appliance that runs on electricity including heaters. It is without any doubt that heaters have become a necessity to pass through the cold, harsh winters. However, not everyone is able to get one as the conventional heaters are extremely expensive and even more costly to run every day throughout the cold season. So how can you comfortably spend this winter season without getting the anxiety of high electricity bills?

One alternative option that you can opt for is a portable heater that is small-sized and uses little electricity to run; hence, making it an affordable heating option. But with so many portable heaters in the market, it can be tricky to choose any one of them. One particular heater that has managed to stand out among all others is the Alpha Heater.

According to Alpha Heater official website, this electric appliance has been specially designed to keep you warm without compromising you financially. It is a small-sized electric heater that produces warm air and throws it out at a fixed speed so as to control the temperature of the room to a comfortable level. As it is a personal heater, it is expected to control the temperature of a small room adequately.

As per getalphaheater.com, the constant working of this compact heater can help raise the temperature of your space up to 75F. It is lightweight and portable which means that you can carry it with you to all the rooms, and even to your office. All you need to do is place it on a table, nightstand or floor, as per your convenience, switch it in an electric socket and allow it to warm up the room.

Unlike other portable heaters that carry a lot of risk of overheating and suffocation, Alpha Heater comes with built-in safety features that turns it off as soon as a target temperature is reached within the room. Furthermore, it also includes other safety features to stop it from overheating and causing any nuisance at night. Due to all these features, you can safely keep it on even during the night and sleep comfortably as it keeps working to make the environment suitable for you.

Alpha Heater is up for grabs on getalphaheater.com at amazing prices and additional discounts currently. So visit the official website to place an order today.

Alpha Heater Reviews - Key Features

The manufacturing company has highlighted several features of Alpha Heater which makes it a good and secure investment. These features have been mentioned below for your information:

  • Fast Heating

One good feature of the Alpha Heater is that it can warm up your room in a fast and quick manner. The technology that it uses is advanced and created as per the latest research which means that you do not need to wait for several hours before you can start enjoying a warm, comfortable environment. Contrary to other heating devices that take at least an hour to work, you can expect this heater to start showing results in as little as minutes.

  • Convenient To Use

Another feature that you normally look for while choosing a compact heater is its ease of use. Most of the appliances out there are complexly designed and their control panels are hard to understand. However, with Alpha Heater, you will not likely come up with any such problem as the company has kept its design simple and easy to use on a daily basis.

The company sends this heater in a pre-assembled state which means that as soon as you receive your package, you just need to open the box and take out the heater assembled and ready to be used immediately. There is no need to call a professional to set it up or connect it which allows you to save money. Just take out Alpha Heater from its packing, attack the USB cable and plug it in an electric socket. Just make sure that you have placed it on a flat surface and away from anything that’s flammable.

  • Easy And Wide Distribution

Checking the throw of a heater is another essential feature to check before purchasing one. The wider the throw is, the faster it warms up the room. Most personal heaters in the market come with a limited throw which means that it takes them hours to cover an entire room and control its temperature. However, with Alpha Heater, you can expect a wider and broader throw that works to warm up any room adequately. Another benefit of this feature is that it provides this heater to heat the room evenly without leaving any cold corners behind.

  • No Noise Function

Any electric appliance, whether a heater or a cooler, comes with one major drawback: it produces a lot of noise while functioning. This noise disturbs you throughout the day and night and can keep you from performing any daily chores with full concentration. Moreover, it also gets difficult to keep such devices on throughout the night as their noise constantly disturbs your sleep. It is a common issue faced by most people due to which they are hesitant in investing in any such devices. However, no such Alpha Heater complaint is likely to arise as the company has ensured a smooth, noiseless functioning of this device. The company mentions that you can keep the heater running without it disturbing your sleep in any way.

  • Portability

Another great feature associated with Alpha Heater is its portability. The company has designed it in such a way that you can easily carry it anywhere. Since it comes with a portable USB cable, you can take it to work at any place where there is a working electric socket.

This helps you save money as you do not need to purchase a separate heater for every room. Moreover, you can even place Alpha Heater in your office and enjoy its effects without purchasing a separate appliance for your workplace.

  • Antimicrobial Filter

Most portable heaters in the market have the capacity to work as a heating device only. They fail to affect the quality of air in any way. In contrast to this, the Alpha Heater device also contains an antimicrobial filter that has been installed by the company to positively impact the quality of air. This filter ensures that the air it throws out is free from germs so that it is unable to affect the health in any way.

  • Purifying Agent

Alpha Heater comes with a built-in air cleaner device that purifies the air while warming it up. So with this heater running in your room, you can breathe in fresh, purified air that is free from dust particles.

  • Temperature Detection System

Alpha Heater device comes with a built-in temperature detection system which works to check the temperature in your room and control it as per your needs. Due to this system, it keeps a check on the room temperature and keeps monitoring it as it rises. As soon as the temperature goes above 70 degrees, it switches itself off and as soon as it goes below 30 degrees, it restarts itself.

In this way, you can ensure that the heater keeps working throughout the night as you sleep peacefully through the night without the risk of suffocating the room.

  • Advanced Design

To make it simpler for you to use, the Alpha Heater has been designed as a compact, lightweight device. This makes it easy to carry it to any place you wish to. It also comes with high durability and has a compact design which means it can easily fit into any place you want.

  • Auto Timer Feature

This auto-timer feature helps you fix a time for your heater to turn off automatically to prevent overheating the room.

  • Safety Protection Program

There is a broad safety protection program fit in the Alpha Heater which makes it a safe device for children and adults alike. It can work safely even for the kids.

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How Does Alpha Heater Work?

As per the official website of Alpha Heater, this heater works to warm up the room to control the temperature of the room. Because of its small size and efficient design, it is suitable for small spaces only and may require additional support for bigger halls and rooms.

As per the working of Alpha Heater, the mechanism of action is mentioned below:

  • The air heater works to warm up the air to suitable temperatures followed by distributing it to all parts of the room in an even manner. This ensures that there are no cold spots left behind.
  • The heater is based on the latest technology which provides fast heating to warm up the room within minutes.
  • There are nano filters installed in the Alpha Heater device that helps filter the air before throwing it out in the room. This makes the warm air pure and without any particles of germs, pollen, or dust.
  • The Alpha Heater works noiselessly without producing any harmful smell that may make you uncomfortable.
  • There is a timer placed within the control panel which can be used to set the fixed time for the functioning of the heater. Using this timer, you can fix the hours for which this device can keep working to warm up the room and stop automatically.

How To Use Alpha Heater?

The company has paid special attention to making Alpha Heater simple and easy to operate. It comes in preassembled form which means that you can take it out of the package and start using it right away. There is no need to hire a professional to assemble its parts or set it up for use. Every order comes with a USB cable that can be used to connect the heater to the electric supply and allow it to run.

Learning how to operate an Alpha Heater is not difficult. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Remove the heating device from its package and place it somewhere suitable for you, such as your nightstand. Just ensure that the device is placed on a flat surface from where it doesn’t have a risk of falling.
  • Take the USB cable and connect it to the device. Then use this cable to connect the device to an electric socket.
  • Turn on the device and let it work.
  • Adjust the grills in such a way that it throws out warm air in the direction of your choice.

When you wish to stop using the Alpha Heater, turn it off from the socket and allow it to cool down once before directly touching it.

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Is Alpha Heater Safe?

Electronic devices, especially electric heaters, come with a lot of safety hazards. This makes people worried if they should use them or not. This is particularly true for people who have young children or pets at home.

Moreover, many incidents have occurred in the past where heaters have led to excessive heating and suffocation, sometimes even causing fatalities, making people hesitant regarding their use, no matter how cold it is. Moreover, most of the time, a heater is likely to heat up itself, sometimes even leading to a complete meltdown which causes a total waste of money. Additionally, an overheated heater is also hazardous for anyone as

However, the truth is that no matter how much you try to avoid using it, a heater is a necessity in winters. Keeping this extreme need of a good and safe heater in mind, the company behind Alpha Heater has introduced multiple safety features in its device. These safety features are mentioned below:

  • Each device comes with a built-in system according to which it turns off as soon as it starts overheating.
  • Once the heater detects overheating, it starts cooling down itself after powering off.
  • The device features a body made up of PTC ceramic instead of metal which is typically used in most electric heaters. As a result, you cannot harm your fingers even if you accidentally touch it while it’s working or is hot.
  • After running for six hours straight, Alpha Heater will switch off itself automatically
  • There is a temperature sensing system in every device which shuts it down as soon as the room temperature exceeds a set limit. This prevents suffocation due to over-warming of the room.

Due to the features mentioned above, Alpha Heater is likely a safe choice even in a setting where there are pets and children.

Alpha Heater Pros and Cons

According to various Alpha Heater reviews online, the following pros and cons have been associated with this device:


  • It is a portable heater which means that you can carry it from one place to another
  • Alpha Heater does not use as much electricity as a regular heater, helping you save money by controlling the bills
  • Alpha Heater is available at affordable prices with additional discounts if you choose to purchase it in bulk
  • There is a money-back guarantee offered by the company on every Alpha Heater order which keeps your investment secure and safe. Check the official order page for details.
  • It works without producing any unpleasant odor or unnecessary noise
  • It comes with an internal fan that cools it down once the device gets overheated
  • It works to warm up the entire room within minutes
  • It comes in a preassembled form and can be used directly without going through any lengthy user manuals


  • Alpha Heater is only available for purchase on its official website. You cannot find it on any other online store like Amazon or even in physical stores.
  • The stock is limited and due to the approaching winters, the units are selling fast so they may completely run out of stock in the upcoming days. So you’ll have to be quick and place an order immediately if you wish to enjoy comfortable winters while saving money.

Where to Buy Alpha Heater and What’s the Lowest Price?

Alpha Heater can be purchased by visiting getalphaheater.com. Here is a direct link to get you started. Remember that this official web page is the only place where you can buy Alpha Heater at best rates with guarantee of authenticity. You may come across other platforms offering similar devices under the same name but beware of them as they might turn out to be an Alpha Heater scam.

The heating device is currently up for grabs as a single unit as well as in the form of multiple deals. More information on these deals can be found below.

  • One unit of Alpha Heater can be purchased for $49.95.
  • A pack of two Alpha Heater units can be purchased for $47.45 per unit.
  • A pack of three Alpha Heater units can be purchased for $44.96 per unit.
  • A pack of four Alpha Heater units can be purchased for $42.46 for each unit
  • A pack of two Alpha Heater units can be purchased for $39.96 per unit.

As you can see, the price per piece keeps falling as you increase the number of Alpha Heater units per order. Therefore, the company encourages you to place a bulk order so that you can enjoy the device while saving lots of money. Moreover, keep in mind that this device is a personal heater which means that a single person can benefit from it. So if you have more people at home, it is best that you each get your own device together while saving money.

If you are worried that Alpha Heater may not suit you and lead to a complete waste of money, the company has you covered. It is offering a money-back guarantee with every order of this device. As per this guarantee, the company gives you 30 days to try this device and check if it benefits you the way you expect it to be. If you feel like it is not suitable for you, you can always return the device and get your entire order amount back. However, remember that you can only make use of this offer if you have ordered your Alpha Heater from the official website.

Alpha Heater Reviews - Concluding Remarks

Alpha Heater is an economical heater that consumes minimal electricity to help users stay warm in the cold weather. The company describes it as a compact and portable device that you can carry anywhere with you safely and conveniently.

Each unit comes packed with multiple security features which makes it a safe investment. Moreover, the price rates are nominal, and a refund policy is in place if you ever feel like it is not meant for you. Get Alpha Heater today from the official website while the offer is still valid.

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