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How Aidan Ranzieri Made Six Figures as a Self-Made Entrepreneur at 15

Aidan Ranzieri (ascend 25)

Many people dream of being successful and attaining financial freedom. Sadly, many who dream of this goal don’t pursue it. This is because it seems like a farfetched outcome. However, there are just as many who have achieved this seemingly impossible goal. In fact, some have gone as far as to help others in achieving the same goal that they did.

One such remarkable person is Aidan Ranzieri, a 16-year-old entrepreneur from Naperville, Illinois. Ever since he was a young kid, he has always searched for the path that suited him best. He actively played sports and even won awards from matches before realizing that working in the business industry was his true calling.

Unlike most of his peers, Aidan made up his mind when he was 13 that he would be an entrepreneur. He got inspired by people who became millionaires online and spent his time watching YouTube videos on how to make money through Shopify. This was when he came up with his first business, which was an e-commerce drop-shipping site.

However, Aidan's knowledge of entrepreneurship was limited to what he had read or watched, so the business failed quickly. Even so, he continued to sell clothes and hype shoes on eBay to gain as much experience in business as possible. Instead of getting discouraged by his failures, he got more inspired to forge his path to success.

In 2019, the knowledge and experience he had amassed thanks to his hard work began to pay off. He got into a business partnership with the person who used to be his supplier. Together, they founded Achedaway, a fitness brand that sells massage devices and other wellness products. It became profitable enough for Aidan to save up money to start his own business, Next Level Growth Agency, in 2020 at the age of 15.

Next Level Growth Agency is a social media growth agency that caters to clients who want to make it big online, whether influencers, brands, or anyone else. Aidan got the idea for the company after realizing how much potential social media has for scaling up a business. By improving a brand's online presence, they can attract customers and thus increase traffic, eventually leading to business growth.

Aidan’s knowledge comes from his personal experience after going viral on TikTok, gaining 500,000 followers two weeks after creating his account. On top of that, he constantly researches the latest trends and comes up with the best strategies to help his clients. Some of his tested and proven-to-be-effective tips on how to grow a company can be found in his book, Explosive Entrepreneurship.

After spending some time in the growth agency industry, Aidan believes that he has found a career that best matches his values. He has always wanted to be successful and help others become successful. This is why he encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to work in an industry they enjoy and feel motivated to succeed despite their challenges.

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